Why Players Love Live Dealer Online Roulette

People love a sense of realism in most automated online casino games. It makes them feel as if they are really close to land based casino while playing from the vicinity of their rooms. There are real people on the screen and as the game progresses, you can see the progression through the live mode.

Hence everyone is now familiar with the new version of online roulette, which is called, 'the online live dealer facility'. These games are not just simulations of real online roulette games because through the live version, you can actually see the real croupier dealing cards and cutting deals.

People used to say that it was fun playing real roulette game in a land based casino and that is why the Live Roulette facility was released. This has immensely contributed to the realism factor of the game and now players take it as an advantage.

With the webcam feature, you have the choice of disclosing your face or keeping your identity a secret. This way you can still enjoy the game with equal fun and unparalleled excitement. The best part is that the Live feature doesn't cost you anything extra. You can have the same amount of fun while going for either the Live way or the simple traditional way.

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