About Blackjack Etiquette

As with any other social setting, blackjack tables demand a certain level of basic etiquette in order to flow smoothly. Understanding blackjack etiquette is important for both new and experienced players in order to maintain a certain level of integrity, and the following tips are great examples.

• Always understand the rules before sitting down to play. This keeps other players from waiting on those that need to brush up on basic table rules.
• Only buy chips between hands, and have money ready to present to the dealer.
• Only observe games from reasonable distances that will not disturb the dealer or the other players.
• Cards dealt face up cannot be touched for any reason.
• Cards dealt face down can only be touched with a single hand.
• Never touch a bet after the dealer places the first card on the table.
• When doubling a bet, do not place the additional chips on top of the original wager; put them beside the original chips. The same can be said for insurance bets.
• Avoid excessive drinking or smoking at the blackjack table.
• Never ask the dealer for advice or talk excessively. This throws the dealer and other players off and can cause some agitation.

Other examples of proper casino blackjack etiquette include the proper use of hand signals. This reduces the amount of stress on the dealer and the other players, and knowing them backward and forward can save precious time. These include:

• The signal to 'hit', or take another card, is a tap on the table next to the cards. In face down games, players may opt to gently scratch their cards across the felt instead.
• In face-up games, the signal to stand is a simple wave of the hand over the cards. In face down games, players can choose to slide their cards under their initial bets.
• In order to signal a double or split, proper blackjack etiquette depends on whether the cards are face-up or face-down. If the cards are face-down, turn them over and place the second bet next to the original, or separate the two cards for a split. In face-up games, raise the index finger for a double down or the index and middle fingers to signify a split.

Proper blackjack etiquette is very important in order to maintain a sense of neutrality among the dealer and the other players at the table.

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